Release Date!! Release Date!!

Aww yeah!  The second book in The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher:  The Purloined Pictograph is being released on November 25th — holy cow.

I’ve learned a ton since releasing The Missing Yesterdays in April (has it only been 7 months? Lordy!) and I’ve applied a lot of it to this book.

So, what have I learned?  Let me think about that . . . I will probably make another post about that, but for right now I think I’ll just bask in the glow of a job finished.  THEN start plotting out book 3 .  .  .

I may be a little crazy . . . 😛



Writing progress . . .

Hi there!  Just a little ol’ update for you. Book 2 is finished!  Well, mostly.  It’s in with the beta readers now, I’ve had some great feedback too.  Release date is fluid as I’m still learning how long this process takes, so before the end of November, for sure.  

I had decided to take my time with this one because I’ve learned so much from self publishing my first book in April.  I’ve learned a ton since and it’s interesting how it snowballs.  I do have a Facebook group that has helped me so much whenever I have a question;  One stop fiction authors resource group – Full of awesome authors who are really eager to help each other out.  I really can’t say enough about this group of people.  

So that’s about it – waiting on beta readers, still adding people to my launch team for release day, when it comes, and really enjoying the process.  

I’m sure I’ll have more coming as release day approaches.  Watch this space!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey everyone — no, I haven’t died and I haven’t abandoned anything — just been swamped between day-job madness and getting my next work-in-progress . . um . . progressing. So, The Purloined Pictograph – Book 2 in the Adventures of Tremain & Christopher – is in the editing stage — getting ready to be released to my team of beta readers (it’s coming, Ma, don’t worry! LOL) — As soon as it’s closer, the first chapter will be released early to all my subscribers — so hit that sign up button quick! You don’t wanna miss out!!

After this, I have Book 3 starting to form in my noggin — going to have to take a little time to get this one down.

I’ve learned a lot about this writing thing in the six months since The Missing Yesterdays was released, which has totally made creating The Purloined Pictograph a fun project. I have a second editor, who has a great eye for the little things that make life easier for the reader — and is a good compliment with my first editor, who makes sure I’m not making a fool of myself. LOL

So, all this being said — I’ll let all y’alls know when a release date is imminent.

If anyone wants to help the process out by being a beta-reader for this or any future project, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email — I’ll be happy to add you — the more the merrier!!!

Olympic fever!

This week, we’ve been watching the Olympics — as I’m sure many are.  It’s a fun couple of weeks watching world-class athletes compete.  I can’t say I’ve watched everything as one does need to sleep and the day-job does need seeing to, but I’ve watched as much as I can.  A few random thoughts . . . not necessarily in any particular order . . .

1 — Why do the swimmers wear trunks, but the divers wear the skimpiest suits known to man?  I swear we almost had the full monty a time or two.  Naturally, my daughters were drooling over the physiques (looks down at the belly folding over the top of the pants) — f*** it.

2 — Steele Johnson?  REALLY??!!  Who names their kid STEEL F’N JOHNSON?!  There’s only one industry who loves names like that . . . guess which one?

3 — To be fair to Steele, he’s an excellent diver and both my girls want to date him.  Not sure how that’ll work out.

4 — Johnson and Bodia get the silver medal.  So awesome.  Those Chinese divers were too darn good.

5 — any one of the US women gymnasts can kick my tush and most of them are 1/3 of my age.  What the hell have I been doing with my life?

6 — Watching Aly Raisman’s parents watch her routines.  Mom’s about to have a heart attack — dad looks like he’s going to faint most of the time.  They are SO into their daughter’s success — good to see, but wow.  Just wow.

7 — Michael Phelps has still got it.  Most decorated Olympian and has earned every medal.  But the South African dude?  Do you know who you’re trying to psyche out?  Ain’t gonna happen, my friend.

8– getting ready for their heat and he’s STILL trying to play games with Phelps . . . WTF?!

9 — The diving pool is now green due to an algae bloom — someone’s getting fired . . .

10 — The thought did occur to me as I watch these athletes in the peak of physical conditioning that I’m sitting on my ever-expanding tush stuffing my pie hole with food while they are winning medals.  No, I do not want to compare body composition readings, thankyouverymuch.

I’ll be watching tonight too — hopefully NBC’s coverage will be better — but come on, guys — most people can’t watch all flippin’ night!  Thank goodness for the highlights on the website . . .


New Cover!

Just a quick update — The Missing Yesterdays is now available wherever ebooks are sold — with an exciting new cover! Find it on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks among others!

I’m super excited about the new cover — let me know what you think!

Back Yard Battles

This past weekend I did battle with the Brambles in the backyard.Yes, THOSE brambles. You know the ones — the big thick vine-y kind with the inch long blood-thirsty thorns. Ya, those.

Little by little, out of my sight, they overtook that side of my house — I had ignored it way too long and let those buggers keep on growing. Oh, they looked pretty, distracting us with those little white flowers and sweet wild blackberries, but that only disguised their true intentions — to overtake the backyard and enslave mankind!

No, really! I suited up in my long sleeve sweatshirt, rugged jeans and sneakers, my clippers held firmly in hands well covered by garden gloves. I made sure to work in stages, so those vampire brambles never saw me coming. Little by little, I whittled away at those vines, pulling at some that were at least 20 feet long. Didn’t I tell you just a bit ago I had ignored this side of the house?
With each swipe of my clippers, more and more of the hidden landscape was no longer hidden. The dark recesses of the bramble vines were revealed. So, THAT’s where that old wheelbarrow went. I was bitten a few times by the vines that would whip around, the thorns trying to pull me into the gaping maw of darkness. Quick thinking and sharp clippers made sure I would live to see the new day. I did imagine I’d find the bones of small animals under there, but no. Whew.
Finally, the back fence was visible. The wild brambles had put up quite a fight, but I, being the supposed higher life-form, prevailed. The side of the house was free. Yeah, there’s some crap there that needs to be cleared out — an old dog carrier that I had forgotten I was “storing” there — some old lawn chairs and a beat up tarp — but hey, the thorny things are gone!
I will, of course, spray some roundup in there — I do NOT want to go through THAT again.

Oh, how goes the writing? It’s going. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the first draft of book two — when not at the day-job and not clearing away wild vampiric vegetation, I’m trying to get to the keyboard. It’s a process — one that I’m still trying to figure out, but it’s happening.

Today, though, marks the 26th anniversary of the day my wife said those two magic words: “I do”. I still can’t believe it’s been that many — I had to pull off my shoes so I could see my toes and still use a few of my wife’s appendages to count that high. It’s something I marvel at. I will always consider myself a very lucky man to have found someone that puts up with me — and to do it for this long and keep coming back for more? Priceless.

Well, that’s about all this week. My goal is to post once a week — let’s see if I can keep up! LOL. Now, about that day-job . . . .

I’ve got a hunch . . .

So there’s a new running joke around my house these days . . . we’ve been binge watching NCIS — after burning through all the CSI we can get our grubby eyes to watch, we started NCIS — and I have to say, the first season is rife with lazy writing.

Not the “magic solution” type of writing, but for a show about investigations, shouldn’t there be some investigating going on?  Most of the show (at least in the first season — I know there are at least another 11 to go — lord, I hope it gets better) revolves around the two nebbish investigators and their back-n-forth.  The “boss” (who gets called “boss” at least 30 times an episode — so annoying) seems to have it all figured out and leads the other two  by the nose until the climax.  Rarely do they seem to have any brains at all, let alone investigative instincts.  Hence the title of this post — it seems as if the “boss” has a “hunch” every episode that just happens to be spot on perfect.  Case closed.

So why my beef?  It’s just damned lazy.  For my novella, (available on Amazon, do buy it, will you?) I tried so hard not to be lazy — to not have a simple solution — to make things just a little bit difficult for my protagonists.  I’m working on the next book now, and I’m encountering the same issues — to not be lazy.  So, to see people who are professionals – getting paid lots more than I am — being what I’m trying so hard not to be, makes me angry.   I can’t change the way the show is written, but what I CAN do is make sure whatever I write isn’t lazy.

Now, don’t get me wrong — this isn’t a totally bad show and I get that they only have 44 minutes to tell some sort of story — that’s not a small issue.  Any TV show has similar constraints.  I just wish they’d be a little more intelligent about it, that’s all.  Am I going to keep on watching it?  Probably.  I’ll at least skip ahead to see if things get any better.  If not, I’ll find something else to binge watch (love that Hulu) . . .