We’re moving!

Well, the website is.   I’ve been on this wordpress site for about a year and a half now — and it’s done its job, but it’s time to move onwards and upwards.

I’m moving to a WIX site — it’s more professional and has better tools to help me grow.  I appreciate what WordPress has done for me up to this point, however.

As far as those of you who have subscribed to this site — you don’t have to do anything other than re-subscribe once I make the move — you’ll know when you type in http://www.terrymarchion.com — it’s going to look so pretty an’ stuff . . .

I’ll shoot out a post to let everyone know when the move is happening — like REALLY happening . . . I may need a truck or two — and some back pills . . . oh, that’s right — it’s not THAT kind of move . . . whew.


Author: TerryMarchion

I'm a coffee addicted Author, graphic designer and embroidery digitizer living in the Pacific Northwest.

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