Reviews – can’t live with ’em . . . can’t exist without ’em

It finally happened. I received my first 2-star review on Amazon (along with the accompanying 1-star review on Goodreads). I feel like I’ve finally arrived!!

Seriously, though, it’s funny. The person in question downloaded my book for free from Instafreebie and, apparently, didn’t like it. It was too “out there” for this person. I laughed. They read the blurb on it and chose to download it and still thought the book wasn’t for them. Ok. I won’t belabor the issue, I just found it funny.

From a creative standpoint, bad reviews sting. You put a piece of yourself into everything you make. It doesn’t matter what you’re creating; a painting, a piece of music, a poem, a novella, whatever — when someone doesn’t like your work, for whatever reason, it stings.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, however, you didn’t connect with a customer. That means you rework what you do to connect in the future. You’ve created a product you now have to peddle out there in the wide, wild world. If you don’t connect with prospective buyers, you don’t go anywhere. I hope whoever left the bad review checks out the other work I’ve written — let’s face it, a debut novella isn’t going to be perfect. I’ve worked hard to improve my writing skills and (apparently) it shows in the second and soon-to-be third novella in my series.

All that aside — a couple of not-good reviews adds some credibility to the good ones, don’cha think? We shall see.

In other news — I’ve had delays on my third novella, The Wrath of the Revenant. Besides life getting in the way, I’ve had some great feedback from my beta readers and that has caused me to rework a few things, which takes time. My desire is to release this beast by the middle of August now, so I’m going to work hard to make that happen.

Thanks for keeping up with me — hope you’re enjoying some summer sun and reading some good books —


Author: TerryMarchion

I'm a coffee addicted Author, graphic designer and embroidery digitizer living in the Pacific Northwest.

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