I’m feeling respectful today . . . it’s FRIDAY — and yes, I have a honey-do list that’s pretty close to a mile long . . . which has to be addressed over the two days we like to call a weekend.  That may curtail any creative efforts I want to make, but that’s what adulting is all about.

That being said — I wanted to take a post and acknowledge the help I’ve received over this past year — some people have helped me directly, some through their websites & blogs, and other by just being good people.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who blogs for a living — or who does anything creative day after day.  It’s hard work.  My day-job is part creative and part technical, so there are days that I’m just totally brain-numb on my way home.  To then try and put two words together that make any sort of sense is self-defeating.  Red wine is the preferred remedy at that point.  Lots of red wine.  But I digress. . .

My first foray into learning about this self-publishing biz was reading Joanna Penn’s Author Blueprint 2.0.  I still have it on my kindle and I refer to it every once in awhile.  I absorbed a lot from that book.  The gist is pretty much “keep writing” — but the other side of things — what to do after you’re done writing is good to know.  I struggle with self-doubt much of the time, but I realize that’s normal for this business.  Joanna’s books come from a point of view that says “hey, I’ve been there too” and that is a huge comfort.

Through Joanna’s podcast and website, I learned about Derek Murphy at Creativindie.  His no-nonsense approach to cover design and marketing was, to me, a breath of fresh air.  I had been reading about marketing, advertising, etc, and getting very overwhelmed.  I’m now reading Derek’s latest book Guerilla Publishing, which I hope will help me get over this marketing confusion I find myself in.

There’s at least one other site that I have to give props to — K.M. Weiland’s helping writers become authors.  Her blog articles are always informative and her books are outstanding.  Her books on outlining and structure are permanently on my kindle.

I love the facebook groups I’m a part of — two of which have really helped me get my head on straight — BooksGoSocial authors group and One Stop Fiction Author’s Resource Group.  Networking with some of these good people has been a godsend for me.  They’ve all offered reviews (which I’ve been more than grateful for), advice and have shared information that has been more than helpful.  There are some amazing books being written by these authors, a scant few of which I’ve read, with quite a few queued up in my kindle yet to be read.  It’s inspiring to be in a group with these people.

So — props and mucho respect to all of these people — words are inadequate to fully express the gratitude I feel for all that you do.

Author: TerryMarchion

I'm a coffee addicted Author, graphic designer and embroidery digitizer living in the Pacific Northwest.

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