Monday Blahs

It’s another week of cold weather here in the Pacific NW. I know “cold” is subjective, but for us, 30 degree weather is DAMN cold! Added to this, in my embroidery shop, the big heater blows right over my little office, so it never reaches me. So here I am, with my little space heater, drinking whatever warm liquids I can make out of the Keurig. Quite the mental image, no? LOL

Right now, I’m trying to find ways to increase sign-ups to my mailing list, which always seems to be a gargantuan task. I’ve also been mentally outlining my next project, book 3 in The Adventures of Tremain and Christopher. I’ll start putting that in writing soon — the outline, at least. It seems I’ve been living the joke graphics that say all your best ideas come as you’re falling asleep. Every stinkin’ night, I have these great ideas — but no way am I getting up to write ’em down. Not yet, at least.

I’m also on the hunt for a good portable bluetooth keyboard — one that will link to an android tablet. The laptop I was using decided it no longer wished to charge — which, considering the battery only lasts about an hour anymore — sucks. So I copied everything I needed of that and un-registered Scrivener on it. I’ll re-load on a new laptop when I (eventually) buy one. Until then, my wife and I are down to sharing a laptop, hence the keyboard hunt.

My wife has been going down the road of enriching herself by taking classes at the local community college — it’s great, but she needs the laptop as the classes are online. Which means I need to either write by hand (have you SEEN my handwriting? Even doctors go “dude, what does that say?”), or find a way to get my word salads on the tablet. I’ll try almost any tool that helps in this process — but I’ll have to start with hand-writing. It’ll be a slower process — but maybe that will help me get my thoughts in order before I write — who knows, we’ll see.

On the reading front — my kindle is filled with great books — most of them for reviews. I just finished Beneath the Skin by Kyla Stone — it was a great, powerful book, but it deals with abuse, so it’s not for everyone. I went outside of my comfort zone with this one and was rewarded with a book that really stuck with me. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while — I recommend it.

Author: TerryMarchion

I'm a coffee addicted Author, graphic designer and embroidery digitizer living in the Pacific Northwest.

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