Resolutions & New Year Goals

At this time of the new year as we all go back to work – whatever kind of work we do – we’re also thinking about our resolutions and how quickly we’re going to break them. You know what I mean:

“I am going to go to the gym more often” — I’m guilty of this one too — I make this resolution at least twice a (week) year.
“I am going to save more money” — Ya . . . the funny thing with this one is then you get the bills from your Christmas shopping (I spent HOW MUCH?!)

I AM, however, going to add to this little list. But instead of calling them ‘resolutions’, I’m going to call them ‘goals’. I have goals I want to achieve this year. Before I do that, though, I need to look back and see what I accomplished this past year.

I followed a dream and self-published two YA books. It was a huge thing for me to take this leap. I was scared, I won’t lie. The fear of failing was huge. I did it, though, and was rewarded with some great reviews, some constructive criticism and a few atta-boy’s from my family. Did I break even on my investment in publishing? Nope, not even close. What I DID do was learn a ton about the publishing world and self-publishing. I also learned more about the craft of writing, much of which came after my first book was released.

I applied much of what I learned to the release of my second book. I had no idea about the existence of launch teams and the benefit of beta readers — both of which helped me reach #7 in one category soon after the book released. That was a great feeling – to see my book at #7. It now sits somewhere around 500, but that’s ok too.

So how does all this apply to the new year? Well, there are more books to release! Well, there WILL be, once I figure out this writing schedule. I plan on writing book three in my YA series and have plans on a non-fiction book about embroidery (exciting, I know). I also have the beginnings of a more adult thriller — which may become two or three books, we’ll see.

This blog, which hasn’t seen regular posts since its inception will probably still see irregular posts (let’s be honest here), even if one of these goal things is to become more regular at posting. I’ll keep you . . . uh . . . posted . . . on this one.

I do plan on going more regularly to the gym — I have some weight reallocation to do – I’m well aware I’m not alone in that area. I’ll join the sweaty masses at the gym, trying to figure out how those friggin machines work and do something good for myself in the process.

I plan on being a more positive person in the coming year. Not that I’m an Eeyore or anything, but I feel that having a more positive outlook brings more positive things your way. Call it what you will . . . bullshit, maybe, but it can’t hurt, now can it?

2017 will be a good year — at least I’m going to do my very best to make it that way.

What goals to YOU have?


Author: TerryMarchion

I'm a coffee addicted Author, graphic designer and embroidery digitizer living in the Pacific Northwest.

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