Release Date!! Release Date!!

Aww yeah!  The second book in The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher:  The Purloined Pictograph is being released on November 25th — holy cow.

I’ve learned a ton since releasing The Missing Yesterdays in April (has it only been 7 months? Lordy!) and I’ve applied a lot of it to this book.

So, what have I learned?  Let me think about that . . . I will probably make another post about that, but for right now I think I’ll just bask in the glow of a job finished.  THEN start plotting out book 3 .  .  .

I may be a little crazy . . . 😛



Writing progress . . .

Hi there!  Just a little ol’ update for you. Book 2 is finished!  Well, mostly.  It’s in with the beta readers now, I’ve had some great feedback too.  Release date is fluid as I’m still learning how long this process takes, so before the end of November, for sure.  

I had decided to take my time with this one because I’ve learned so much from self publishing my first book in April.  I’ve learned a ton since and it’s interesting how it snowballs.  I do have a Facebook group that has helped me so much whenever I have a question;  One stop fiction authors resource group – Full of awesome authors who are really eager to help each other out.  I really can’t say enough about this group of people.  

So that’s about it – waiting on beta readers, still adding people to my launch team for release day, when it comes, and really enjoying the process.  

I’m sure I’ll have more coming as release day approaches.  Watch this space!