Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey everyone — no, I haven’t died and I haven’t abandoned anything — just been swamped between day-job madness and getting my next work-in-progress . . um . . progressing. So, The Purloined Pictograph – Book 2 in the Adventures of Tremain & Christopher – is in the editing stage — getting ready to be released to my team of beta readers (it’s coming, Ma, don’t worry! LOL) — As soon as it’s closer, the first chapter will be released early to all my subscribers — so hit that sign up button quick! You don’t wanna miss out!!

After this, I have Book 3 starting to form in my noggin — going to have to take a little time to get this one down.

I’ve learned a lot about this writing thing in the six months since The Missing Yesterdays was released, which has totally made creating The Purloined Pictograph a fun project. I have a second editor, who has a great eye for the little things that make life easier for the reader — and is a good compliment with my first editor, who makes sure I’m not making a fool of myself. LOL

So, all this being said — I’ll let all y’alls know when a release date is imminent.

If anyone wants to help the process out by being a beta-reader for this or any future project, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email — I’ll be happy to add you — the more the merrier!!!