Olympic fever!

This week, we’ve been watching the Olympics — as I’m sure many are.  It’s a fun couple of weeks watching world-class athletes compete.  I can’t say I’ve watched everything as one does need to sleep and the day-job does need seeing to, but I’ve watched as much as I can.  A few random thoughts . . . not necessarily in any particular order . . .

1 — Why do the swimmers wear trunks, but the divers wear the skimpiest suits known to man?  I swear we almost had the full monty a time or two.  Naturally, my daughters were drooling over the physiques (looks down at the belly folding over the top of the pants) — f*** it.

2 — Steele Johnson?  REALLY??!!  Who names their kid STEEL F’N JOHNSON?!  There’s only one industry who loves names like that . . . guess which one?

3 — To be fair to Steele, he’s an excellent diver and both my girls want to date him.  Not sure how that’ll work out.

4 — Johnson and Bodia get the silver medal.  So awesome.  Those Chinese divers were too darn good.

5 — any one of the US women gymnasts can kick my tush and most of them are 1/3 of my age.  What the hell have I been doing with my life?

6 — Watching Aly Raisman’s parents watch her routines.  Mom’s about to have a heart attack — dad looks like he’s going to faint most of the time.  They are SO into their daughter’s success — good to see, but wow.  Just wow.

7 — Michael Phelps has still got it.  Most decorated Olympian and has earned every medal.  But the South African dude?  Do you know who you’re trying to psyche out?  Ain’t gonna happen, my friend.

8– getting ready for their heat and he’s STILL trying to play games with Phelps . . . WTF?!

9 — The diving pool is now green due to an algae bloom — someone’s getting fired . . .

10 — The thought did occur to me as I watch these athletes in the peak of physical conditioning that I’m sitting on my ever-expanding tush stuffing my pie hole with food while they are winning medals.  No, I do not want to compare body composition readings, thankyouverymuch.

I’ll be watching tonight too — hopefully NBC’s coverage will be better — but come on, guys — most people can’t watch all flippin’ night!  Thank goodness for the highlights on the website . . .