New Cover!

Just a quick update — The Missing Yesterdays is now available wherever ebooks are sold — with an exciting new cover! Find it on Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks among others!

I’m super excited about the new cover — let me know what you think!


Back Yard Battles

This past weekend I did battle with the Brambles in the backyard.Yes, THOSE brambles. You know the ones — the big thick vine-y kind with the inch long blood-thirsty thorns. Ya, those.

Little by little, out of my sight, they overtook that side of my house — I had ignored it way too long and let those buggers keep on growing. Oh, they looked pretty, distracting us with those little white flowers and sweet wild blackberries, but that only disguised their true intentions — to overtake the backyard and enslave mankind!

No, really! I suited up in my long sleeve sweatshirt, rugged jeans and sneakers, my clippers held firmly in hands well covered by garden gloves. I made sure to work in stages, so those vampire brambles never saw me coming. Little by little, I whittled away at those vines, pulling at some that were at least 20 feet long. Didn’t I tell you just a bit ago I had ignored this side of the house?
With each swipe of my clippers, more and more of the hidden landscape was no longer hidden. The dark recesses of the bramble vines were revealed. So, THAT’s where that old wheelbarrow went. I was bitten a few times by the vines that would whip around, the thorns trying to pull me into the gaping maw of darkness. Quick thinking and sharp clippers made sure I would live to see the new day. I did imagine I’d find the bones of small animals under there, but no. Whew.
Finally, the back fence was visible. The wild brambles had put up quite a fight, but I, being the supposed higher life-form, prevailed. The side of the house was free. Yeah, there’s some crap there that needs to be cleared out — an old dog carrier that I had forgotten I was “storing” there — some old lawn chairs and a beat up tarp — but hey, the thorny things are gone!
I will, of course, spray some roundup in there — I do NOT want to go through THAT again.

Oh, how goes the writing? It’s going. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the first draft of book two — when not at the day-job and not clearing away wild vampiric vegetation, I’m trying to get to the keyboard. It’s a process — one that I’m still trying to figure out, but it’s happening.

Today, though, marks the 26th anniversary of the day my wife said those two magic words: “I do”. I still can’t believe it’s been that many — I had to pull off my shoes so I could see my toes and still use a few of my wife’s appendages to count that high. It’s something I marvel at. I will always consider myself a very lucky man to have found someone that puts up with me — and to do it for this long and keep coming back for more? Priceless.

Well, that’s about all this week. My goal is to post once a week — let’s see if I can keep up! LOL. Now, about that day-job . . . .