New Website!

So the new website is live — if you type in, you’ll get the new site — the only thing I can’t figure out how to do is get the existing subscribers transferred. So, if you still want to read my ramblings, please subscribe to the new site . . . I promise to have much to say about stuff in the world today — to give updates on the writing life and whatever else pops in my twisted mind . . .

Thanks for following!! See you at the new site!!


We’re moving!

Well, the website is.   I’ve been on this wordpress site for about a year and a half now — and it’s done its job, but it’s time to move onwards and upwards.

I’m moving to a WIX site — it’s more professional and has better tools to help me grow.  I appreciate what WordPress has done for me up to this point, however.

As far as those of you who have subscribed to this site — you don’t have to do anything other than re-subscribe once I make the move — you’ll know when you type in — it’s going to look so pretty an’ stuff . . .

I’ll shoot out a post to let everyone know when the move is happening — like REALLY happening . . . I may need a truck or two — and some back pills . . . oh, that’s right — it’s not THAT kind of move . . . whew.


Tragedies and triumphs

I have friends as well as clients in Houston and I’ve been reading everything I can as well as trying to get ahold of them making sure they’re all ok (they are, by the way, thank goodness) — but it’s made me think about the bigger picture here . . .

There will always be tragedies in life — just look at the news these days (politics aside) — flooding in Houston and in India with lives lost, countless robberies, shootings, etc. A friend of mine from art school just lost one of her kids in a traffic accident. Horrible. Words fail me. The personal stories hit me the hardest.

There will always be horrors in life. Sometimes it feels like there can never be happiness with all the tragedy. It feels like when you try to celebrate the good things in your life, you also feel guilty for being happy when others aren’t.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed when all you see from the news is bad. You start to feel a bit hopeless, don’t you?

The problem is that we do get inundated with the sadness and we neglect to celebrate the little victories in our lives. Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and your family, hell, actually WAKING UP on a Saturday morning — your favorite sports team winning their game, meeting your favorite actor at a convention, I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

We have to have the ups with the downs — we can’t always be at one stage or another. We just can’t function that way.

That’s why I will always feel for those that are hit with tragedy, but I will always look at my life and be thankful for those little victories that give me balance.

Help the people in Houston by donating to your local Red Cross — they need it.

The Gatekeeper’s Sons

I love showcasing other indie author’s books — here’s one that sounds really exciting – so much so that I downloaded it myself!  I present The Gatekeeper’s Sons . . .

Chapter One: The Drowning


Therese Mills peeled the white gloves off her sweaty hands as soon as she and her parents were in the car. Now that her mother’s thing was over, she could finally get home and out of this blue dress. It was like being in a straightjacket.

Anything for Mom, of course.

What the… Continue reading “The Gatekeeper’s Sons”

Reviews – can’t live with ’em . . . can’t exist without ’em

It finally happened. I received my first 2-star review on Amazon (along with the accompanying 1-star review on Goodreads). I feel like I’ve finally arrived!!

Seriously, though, it’s funny. The person in question downloaded my book for free from Instafreebie and, apparently, didn’t like it. It was too “out there” for this person. I laughed. They read the blurb on it and chose to download it and still thought the book wasn’t for them. Ok. I won’t belabor the issue, I just found it funny.

From a creative standpoint, bad reviews sting. You put a piece of yourself into everything you make. It doesn’t matter what you’re creating; a painting, a piece of music, a poem, a novella, whatever — when someone doesn’t like your work, for whatever reason, it stings.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, however, you didn’t connect with a customer. That means you rework what you do to connect in the future. You’ve created a product you now have to peddle out there in the wide, wild world. If you don’t connect with prospective buyers, you don’t go anywhere. I hope whoever left the bad review checks out the other work I’ve written — let’s face it, a debut novella isn’t going to be perfect. I’ve worked hard to improve my writing skills and (apparently) it shows in the second and soon-to-be third novella in my series.

All that aside — a couple of not-good reviews adds some credibility to the good ones, don’cha think? We shall see.

In other news — I’ve had delays on my third novella, The Wrath of the Revenant. Besides life getting in the way, I’ve had some great feedback from my beta readers and that has caused me to rework a few things, which takes time. My desire is to release this beast by the middle of August now, so I’m going to work hard to make that happen.

Thanks for keeping up with me — hope you’re enjoying some summer sun and reading some good books —



Ok — so here’s some big news — book 3 in the Adventures of Tremain and Christopher is finished. Well, almost. It’s going to my editor and my beta readers this week. Also, I’ll have a cover to show you . . . 😛

I’m super excited about this cover as it’s done by someone else, and she’s really captured the look I was hoping for — which is awesome, to say the least.

In other news, a new book service/site, called A Novel Connection, launches tomorrow — you get to read ebooks for a limited time — it’s a great way to find new authors for a low monthly price (like $1.99 a month!). My books are on there too —
If you have read either of my novellas, please do me a huge favor and leave a review on my pages (links below) — it’ll help others to find my books and possibly even help my writing career move further along . . . you never know . . .
Here are the links:……
Thanks in advance!

That’s all for now — I’ve a lot on my plate with the book launch coming up and, naturally, the day job has been super busy too . . . whew! Can I have a breather?? LOL

Stay tuned — cover reveal coming . . .